HTML5 nurse
"throw javascript"

i need integrate api in html5 throw javascript

HTML 5 Doctor Question - UI

i need html5 inter view questions


My area below the belly button was vibrating


[from a personal email address making her identifiable:] 

I snort about 2-3 grams of cocaine mabey once or twice a month. I’ve tried stopping but always get tempted after about 2 weeks.I want to ask my doctor for help but I’m they will take my kids away. I’m a 31 year old female and a single mother of three 

medicine for removing pimples and black spots on the face.

I have many black spots n pimples which I hav pused off so guide me a good medicine nresonable price which is available in our local market.

HTML 5 Doctor Question - Anal area infection

It is here by request to you that kindly solve my peroblem ASAP. Actually when i was pregnent that at the last momet doctor say’s your normal delivery will be hapen but at the end doctor take final decision suzerian.Now at the end i have one peroblem in my anal area lit bit cut and when i pass stool i have lot of pain can you sugest me what can i do?



HTML 5 Doctor Question - Pimpal

I refer you my peroblem that some pimpal in my neck last three year but no pain and nothing to do it. How can i remove it?



Dear <redacted> the best way to remove your neck is a guillotine.


Dr Mark Up. 

HTML 5 Doctor Question - error in your website

first of all remove the errors then display your website name HTML5 Doctor , whatever , which is displayed on your website like search button in the search bar. and second one is message display after submit . these all are is not in correct view , I M Desinger , and i know what i want to do.


does amphetamine salts er 10 mg delay your period?

HTML 5 Doctor Question - stooling and pregnancy

am pregnant and have been stooling. what tab can i take?